Wednesday, 14 December 2011

End of Term

What do you know, I've made it all the way to the end of the semester. Our department's Christmas party is on Friday (I have organised it this year, and am hoping it won't be a complete fail) and then a lot of people are heading home for Christmas.

I live in the same city my university is in, so I'm not going "home" for Christmas, but I will be taking some time off. Guilt-free, work-free time off.

I think a lot of us first year PhDs have learned that while we love what we're doing and are eternally greatful for the opportunity, it's hard going! I for one am just tired. Literally, not metaphorically. I'm sleeping way too much and need some time to just rest! That's what Christmas is going to be about for me, so that I can return in the new year supercharged and ready to go.

2012 is going to be busy, which is why I need to take all the opportunities for rest I can get. There's a lot of exciting things coming up (and hopefully some opportunities to present at conferences too!), a lot of research to do, and some serious things too like Thesis Monitoring Committee, and proving I've done enough to be allowed to continue after my first year.

I hope you enjoy your holidays and that you are taking a well-earned break too. Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

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