Friday, 2 March 2012

Back on the Horse

Ok, so I may, just may, be back on the metaphorical horse. (Yes, it's a week of metaphors apparently, so just shush). And first of all I should really say thank you to those of you at #phdchat on Twitter who gave me some great advice.

I think it has helped that although I couldn't really take any time off, this week has been non-stop marking. (I do marking, and next year teaching, in exchange for my funding). This has allowed me to do a task that doesn't huge cognitive commitment whilst still feeling productive. It's actually given me a big boost to feel like I've "done" something, to have got some space from my thesis without the guilt of not doing anything.

I'm leaving the office at 1pm today and am going to make the most of weekend. I have to work 11-3 on Sunday, but I'll also be handing in my resignation there - a task I've been dreading but will be glad to have over. My plan is, once I'm back, to get back on that horse in a better frame of mind, properly rested and without sucking at setting goals.

And maybe the horse is a good metaphor. I'm not going to be all cheesy and explain that - you're clever enough to figure it out.

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