Monday, 19 November 2012

Busy Girl is Long-Term Planning

So no, this post isn't about cats, but I love a good cat picture at the best of times, so sssh.

A little while ago, I was lamenting that I was in the lull between getting ethics approval and actually being able to test.  That lull is now over!  

This is good because it means I have lots to do.  Mondays and Fridays are completely taken up with testing.  Midweek is time for office hours for students, teaching (last class of the semester was given on Friday), getting materials ready for the next experiment, ethics, etc. etc.

In general, that means I'm knackered!  Because, of course, I have a life as well.  (Sometimes).  Add in regular gym sessions, taekwondo training, sewing a giant picture for my gran's 80th which has already taken a few months and is no where near finished, seeing friends, wedding planning, seeing family and just running a house, I have had no time!  Which is why I haven't blogged recently, sorry.

What I'm also doing at the moment is trying to plan for what work I'll do now, and what work I'll do later.  My testing is due to finish (with the exception of two participants) on the 30th of November.  Semester finishes on the 14th of December.  So really, I've got two weeks in there before I can take some well-earned time off.

Without going too much into the mechanics of collecting real world vision data and the challenges it presents, basically you spend lots of time collecting data, then you have to spend lots of time turning that into videos, which you then code on a frame-by-frame basis.  Making videos is scheduled for the beginning of December, in addition to possibly starting coding.  It's also the time for building the next experiment so it's ready to run in January.

Needless to say though, I am now really, really, really looking forward to holidays.  I'll be back in uni from early January before semester starts to get things prepared, but I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks where I can catch up on sleep and not think about work.  It'll be amazing.  

I'll be pretty busy until then, but I promise a much better post for you next time!

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