Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Last Friday, I had a meeting with my supervisor to discuss some of the literature I'd been reading. I think it's fair to say I was struggling a little. My project is novel - which is great! - but I was finding it increasingly difficult to ground it in the literature - not so great. It is the type of project that draws on many different areas, but doesn't really belong to any. So, having stressed out for a week, I plucked up the courage to say "Help!!". Let me tell you, I came out of the meeting saying "Best. Day. Ever!" like Rapunzel in Tangled.

Have you ever had the experience of finishing a conversation with a great idea, but being unsure where that idea came from, what exactly triggered it or who's idea it was? All you know is that it is just brilliant. That is what my meeting was like.

Through our conversation, my supervisor and I identified not so much an error in our thinking, but the point at which we had stumbled. The great thing as well is that it hasn't rendered what I've already done useless. In fact, I don't think we could have drawn these conclusions without the work I've done already. Now, we have the opportunity to build and move on from that, let the idea grow and blossom and suddenly, we had three new experiments planned with a multitude of ways to look at the data and most importantly, a renewed enthusiasm and excitement about the project.

Truly one of the best feelings in the world, and I can understand why people strive to feel it again and again. I might not quite have run naked through the streets, but I certainly announced my joy to Facebook and anyone who would listen (and some who wouldn't). Awesome.

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