Thursday, 6 October 2011

In anticipation

I've been told by lots of people to prepare the best I could for three years of craziness, starting pretty much from the moment I matriculate again. Go on holiday, they suggested, exercise, do something you enjoy, see friends, see family. So I did. It's been a busy two weeks away - which is why I haven't managed to write here. It's a really strange situation to be in because I'm really eager to get started, but I also want to make sure I'm well rested before that time comes. Now I'm back from holiday I'm spending a bit of time reading, revising and making notes. I've also had great fun buying up almost all of WHSmiths. Stationery, if you didn't know, is a dear love of mine :)

I am looking forward to beginning student life as a postgraduate for many reasons (research first and foremost of course), especially meeting lots of new people. As a teaching postgraduate, I'm a student but also a member of staff, which creates a nice balance. Letting me see both sides of the curtain, I suppose you could say. I'm really pleased as well that there will be new PhD students starting at the same time as me; one I know, several I don't. It's great to be part of a lab too. Having so many new and interesting people around me make for great conversations, new insights, support when we all need it and of course new friends.

That's why it's a little strange to dip into this world when I'm just beginning to start reading papers and revising some of the basics, then go back off to work at my part-time supermarket job at the weekends. However, it's not forever (not really for much longer at all!) and I'm sure the time will pass before I even really have time to register it. Let's hope so anyway!

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