Thursday, 26 January 2012

Managing Sickness

Being human, it was inevitable that I would get ill. (Also, given fate, somewhat inevitable that it would happen at the most inconvenient time).

Melodrama out the way - I have a horrible cold. For the first few days I was able to make it into uni, but I am pretty icky now and I really don't want to infect any of my fellow students!

It made me think about the whole thing of how we manage our workload when we get sick. Sometimes, you just can't get into uni to do the things you were meant to do. My task this week was coding, and unfortunately the video files are too big to be put on my removeable hard drive to bring home. Usually, this would have made me panic, but this time I've adopted an "all's not lost" attitude.

So I might not have been able to get all the coding done, but I brought a pile of reading home with me to do. It's a long overdue - my to-read pile is absolutely huge! Getting some of it done might not be too bad after all. I'm hoping I will be able to go back into uni tomorrow, but if I can't, there's plenty of reading to keep me going until I look (and feel) a bit more human.

In the mean time, it's lots of fluids for me, medicine and an endless amount of tissues! How do you manage your PhD when you're sick?

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